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Over two decades of IT excellence

With more than 20 years’ experience, DTE offers only best in class solutions and services to our clients. Whatever the project or requirements, we ensure you have what is needed to improve efficiency, deliver cost savings or enhance your own offering.

We serve every business in every industry.

Our customers range from SMBs to enterprise-class organisations across a broad range of industries. Whatever your size or vertical the same first-class service is available to all.

Best in class products, best in class solutions.

Our best in class solutions and services ensure you get exactly what you need to drive your business forwards – and to meet your strategic goals. And with a half million-product inventory we can deliver from stock, helping you deal with the unexpected or unplanned consequences of an increasingly agile business model.

We are fully manufacturer accredited.

To maximise compatibility and to ensure quality of service, all products supplied by DTE are from authorised distributors. Fully accredited by manufacturers, we guarantee no grey products. Ever

Computing & Electronics Megastore.

Our New Megastore has over half a million IT products from all your favourite brands. If you are looking for computers, network equipment, servers, wireless products or peripherals, you will find them here. Need help? Our experts are on hand to help.


Solutions & Services

Some businesses need an I.T. partner that can do it all and some just need a no-hassle route to purchasing authentic equipment from a trusted supplier. At DTE, you can have as much or as little as you’d like. We’ll listen to you, help where needed, and won’t try to push the latest tech just because it’s in vogue. What’s right for your business is right for us.

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