Recently merged your business? Or acquired a company which needs taking over with your own software and servers?

Knowing where to begin when merging IT infrastructure can be a challenging and often a stressful time. Don’t let what should be an exciting time for your business turn into something unpleasant.

The Problem You're Facing

You've recently merged and need to combine all your databases, servers, and software.

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You were so excited to be taking the next big step with your company but now the stress of the situation is starting to kick in.

Complicated internet problems were the last thing you thought about and now you're frustrated at the time and patience needed to complete this merger.

Nothing's being done while you’re trying to work out your IT problems.

Not to fret. DTE has the perfect solution for you.

You need an IT business solutions company with experience in dealing with Mergers and Acquisitions.

This M&A experience will take the pressure off you so you can focus on the more important aspects of the merger, while being safe in the knowledge that the IT-side will be executed exactly as you need it to be.



How DTE Sort It

DTE offer a complete merger/acquisition package for these exact situations. We will work with you to work out exactly what it is you need to keep, merge, discard, and we deliver it perfectly. We can help with cross-country mergers and we have tons of experience in the UK, the USA, and around the world. M&A setup is our exact expertise, so why let this keep you up at night? Let the experts take care of all the technical stuff so you can focus on getting your bigger business back in motion.

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