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Wasp Upgrade QuickStore Std - QuickStore Pro

SKU: 633808471118
EAN: 0633808471118

Wasp QuickStore Pro includes all of the functionality of the Standard (Std) edition and extends the functionality with the following features:\r
- Employee time clock.\r
- Cash drawer shift tracking.\r
- Generate quotes.\r

Product Description

Product Description

Wasp QuickStore Pro includes all of the functionality of the Standard (Std) edition and extends the functionality with the following features:

- Employee time clock.

- Cash drawer shift tracking.

- Generate quotes.

- Create contracts to automatically discount items.

- Track accounts payable.

- Set up to 5 retail prices per item.

- Set individual security settings for each user.

- Email invoices, purchase orders, and account statements.

Pro and Enterprise editions.

From point-of-sale transactions to inventory, vendor and customer management, Wasp QuickStore provides the functionality your retail operation needs, while improving efficiency and reducing operating cost. This affordable solution makes large-business operations accessible to companies of all sizes.

Use Wasp QuickStore software to increase your sales and customer service levels. Tracking of customer purchase history and detailed demographic information allows you to tailor discounts and promotions to specific, targeted groups. Gather demographic information to offer personalized attention to your customers, including birthday cards and new product announcements. Added-value benefits like these drive first-time customers to become repeat customers.

For small retailers, tracking inventory and managing the reorder process can be a full-time job. Wasp QuickStore POS software includes a variety of integrated inventory management tools designed to ease the burden of inventory tracking. Create detailed discrepancy reports using QuickStore’s advanced reporting functionality. Utilize the automatic reorder function for products to ensure that your customers will never find their favorite product out-of-stock. Designed for single-site businesses or centrally-owned businesses with multiple retail outlets, QuickStore offers improved efficiency and tracking with an affordable price tag.
Technical Spec

Technical Spec

Product Description

Wasp Upgrade QuickStore Std - QuickStore Pro, PC, 500 MHz, Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32-bit), Server 2003 (32-bit), Server 2008 (32-bit), 500 MB, 512 MB

Tech Specs



System requirements

Minimum processor
500 MHz
Compatible operating systems
Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32-bit), Server 2003 (32-bit), Server 2008 (32-bit)
Minimum storage drive space
500 MB
Minimum RAM
512 MB
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