Case Studies

Customer case studies highlighting customer and partner success with Cisco products and solutions.

Case Studies

Networking Case Studies

Solidifying networking offerings with Cisco SD-WAN

Riedel Networks was founded in 2005 when a Formula 1 team needed a simpler, more cost-effective networking solution for its car telemetry data. Since then, this subsidiary of Riedel Communications has shifted its focus to providing clients with high-performance MPLS VPNs. When the company wanted to solidify its networking business without hurting MPLS sales, it partnered with Cisco to provide its customers with SD-WAN.

National Trust and Cisco: Networking

“Building a resilient, connected network, we've been able to join our places and people together so they can work effectively. Our partnership with Cisco has been strategically important, allowing us to build a solid foundation to enable our conservation efforts.”

Security Case Studies

Brunel University secures intellectual property with Cisco

Brunel University London is a leading multidisciplinary research-intensive technology university. Watch how Cisco security solutions help them defend intellectual property from cyber threats, while increasing operational efficiency.

More visibility, flexibility with Cisco Email & Web Security

Sheppard Robson, a long standing architectural firm based in London, shares their experience using Cisco Email Security and Web Security to defeat cyber threats and focus their attention on being the best they can be.

Collaboration Case Studies

Transforming 10x Banking Team Collaboration with Cisco WebEx

10x Banking is a transformation company that is making banking better for banks, consumers, and society. See how Cisco Webex is redefining the way their people meet, communicate, and get work done together.

Connecting a global organization with Webex

CDP, originally called the Carbon Disclosure Project, is a nonprofit that urges companies to voluntarily report their carbon footprint. As the organization grew, it needed an environmentally conscious way to virtually connect its more than 250 employees around the world. With help from Cisco, CDP is doing just that.

Wireless Case Studies

Building a simpler, better performing network with Cisco

Leading telecommunications company BT Group serves customers in more than 180 countries and is both a Cisco customer and a partner. When the company needed to simplify and unify remote network management for its Global Services division across 18 sites in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa, it chose Cisco Meraki and Meraki MX security appliances to standardize, secure, and power performance across its Wi-Fi environment.

José Manuel from Telefónica: Automating the Network with Cisco

Global networks platform provider Telefonica needed a way to bring automation in-house in order to streamline operations and save money. They decided to partner with Cisco for implementation because of Cisco’s network, technology, equipment, experience, and expertise.


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