With our highly experienced and Certified Wireless Engineers, coupled with our 2D and 3D CAD BIM Designers, DTE are the go-to choice for professional wireless design. 



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Wifi and wireless design

Preparation and Planning

Our wireless LAN architects will gather information regarding your requirements, including security, redundant W-Fi coverage, the applications you intend to use, the amount of user devices you expect in each location.

Our aim is to ensure the design is secure, perfectly fits your business needs and is within your budget, making certain your employees are able to do their jobs and remain productive at all times, and that customers on a guest network have a great user experience.

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Our Predictive Modelling and Design leverages radio frequency (RF) market-leading software from Ekahau to predict the optimal WLAN infrastructure and recommendations. We build out walls and attenuation sources in our RF planning software to simulate accurate RF propagation, producing signal strength results for 2.4GHz, 5Ghz and the newly ratified 6 GHz frequency bands.

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Once we have the Ekahau design, we will update your provided CAD drawings or layout images to include the proposed access point (AP) placement, installation method, and other useful metadata.

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CAD, Revit, Navisworks

If you need BIM (Building Information Modelling) models, our designs are compliant to BIM level 2 standards, and we will deliver 2D drawings and 3D models according to your needs.

For projects requiring BIM, additional parametric information is added the 3D model as opposed to the usual 2D drawing which doesn’t have this additional information. Using BIM, all the AP installation subtleties have been thought of while modelling. Therefore, time put into the 3D model diminishes the time required for the installation.

Are you planning on moving into a new building or a new location that has not been built yet? Our models will help in planning for the resources you will need, to see any red flags and point them out before anyone sets foot on the site. The market for BIM will touch over $15 billion by 2027, if you are part of this market or are just joining in, you can trust DTE to deliver the standard of quality you are seeking.

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