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DTE assist retailers in connecting with customers and driving sales through the innovative use of Wi-Fi.

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Wi-fi and wireless solutions for the retail industry

With our powerful Wi-Fi solutions, retailers can power all facets of their business through a single connected wireless network, streamlining operations and delighting customers.

Data-driven shopping
In this new world of digital shopping, customer data is the key to transforming the customer journey. Wi-Fi analytics provide critical information about consumer habits.
Increase Staff Efficiency
Use Wi-Fi to connect your products, employees, and systems, giving fast access to stock counts, product information, and customer details.
Easy Cloud Management
Run your business, not your Wi-Fi

Retail Wi-Fi Solutions

Our commercial-grade Wi-Fi solutions transform the in-store shopping experience for your customers and staff. It boosts your operational efficiency, improves stock control, and unlocks real customer insights.

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Know your customer

Tailor your customer's in-store experience with a comprehensive data set to target messages and offers to your customer, track them around store, and drive them towards high-revenue items.

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Targeted Promotions

The ability to create, deliver and measure targeted messages to your customers at just the right time and on the right device can be hugely beneficial. You'll be able to increase footfall, dwell time and average spend thanks to targeted promotions via in-store Wi-Fi.

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Better Customer Service

Wi-Fi gives your sales staff a free hand when dealing with customers on the shop floor. Working with mobile devices is more comfortable than standing behind a till, and by moving around they can be more efficient and attentive to customers – offering a better service to customers.

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