Small margins make big differences when we’re talking about Wi-Fi, and it’s important that experienced installers are performing work, especially in challenging environments.

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Data cabling and Wireless access point installation

WAP Installation

At DTE we understand the physical constraints when it comes to mounting Access Points (APs), not only for aesthetics purposes but for challenging environments, such as warehousing and industrial sites. We will not only provide a design showing the proposed AP locations but also detailed instructions on how the AP should be mounted to ensure it is installed in a safe and secure way without degrading performance.

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Cable infrastructure that is well-designed, installed and maintained can help you reduce downtime, improve productivity, and increase profits. Our DTE electrical installation teams rigorously follow ISO Electrical and Cabling standards, ensuring that they possess the necessary qualifications and adhere to the strict compliance of BS7671. In addition, they are certified in data cabling with CNCI accreditation.

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Creating the right network configuration is essential for ensuring the wireless LAN is secure and working to its optimal performance. DTE are trained to configure any size of network whether it be through CLI or GUI.

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Onsite / Cloud Based Support

Once the Wi-Fi infrastructure is set up, it can need managing to ensure smooth operation. Either onsite or cloud-based, DTE can offer full lifecycle support ranging from break-fix next day, to proactive monitoring with an engineer onsite within four hours.

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