Small & Medium Business Networking

SMB’s need IT networks that allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors by being more innovative and agile.

They need to do this with small budgets and without large IT departments.

See how DTE can help you plan and build a powerful network that supports your business objectives.

Growth models
Benefit from flexibility and scalability without large up-front costs.
Consumption models and lifecycle finance are key tools in any SMBs strategy.
Dedicated SMB Products
Take a modular approach to your network with products designed with SMB growth in mind. Start with the basics and add functionality as and when you require to keep your business plans on track.
Simplified Management
Use cloud-based management or a fully managed service so you spend your time running your business rather than your network.
Perfect WiFi
Whatever your business environment, having a robust and secure wireless solution can be critical to your success.
Cloud Networking
Cloud Networking
SMB’s have limited resources and a small, or no, IT department.

Watch how Cisco Meraki simplifies management while giving you access to powerful features that enhance your business.

Sign up for a free demonstration HERE or speak to DTE’s Meraki specialists.
Work from anywhere
Work from anywhere readiness
Hybrid working is here to stay which brings opportunities for SMBs at the cost of potential IT headaches.

Download this essential guide to hybrid work success, and browse our selection of home working equipment in the DTE online store.
Try and Buy
Try & Buy
Explore Meraki next-gen wi-fi, cybersecurity and digital workplace technology solutions in your own environment, risk-free for 30 days, supported by DTE’s expert team.

Contact us directly or fill in the Meraki try & buy form here.

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Focus on: SMB Security

Small businesses are hit by 62% of all cyberattacks. Today’s small businesses face the same security challenges as larger organizations — along with their own unique concerns. They require protection just as effective as that of the enterprise, but which can also work within the confines of their limited budget and resources.

For IT security to be effective it must balance operating efficiency and risk management while supporting, not hindering, business operations.

DTE and our vendor partners know that these are the key success factors for SMBs, and have access to security products and best practices that will secure your network while enabling business performance.

For more information speak to the DTE team or download the Cisco Secure 2Thriving as a small or Midsize business with a Strong Cybersecurity Strategy.

SMB Security


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