You’re looking for a third party you can trust to supply you with Cloud backup storage.

It’s good to know you’re getting expert backup management for your money not just a glorified external hard drive.

The Problem You're Facing

You need to have cloud backup in order to ensure the safekeeping of your data. But how can you trust the third party to keep your data safe? You're probably wondering if they’ll be able to manage your needs by having data from all your business’ locations back up to the same place. You might need it in place for remote workers, too. It’s your responsibility to make sure that data is protected and it’s difficult to know which cloud based systems will offer you that compliance.

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You need a server provider that’s proven to be reliable, with a name you know you can trust with your sensitive data. A solid backup service will be able to provide you with what you need; back up to one cloud from different locations with simple and quick recovery. You just need to find a provider you can trust.

That team of outsourced IT geeks is DTE.



How DTE Sort It

We can manage your Cloud backup using Microsoft Azure - a name you can rely on and trust. They store your backup data in six individual copies across two locations for added reliability. It saves information in increments so you can revert your files back to where they were a day ago, a week ago, or even 5 years ago - however long you’ve been using Microsoft Azure. DTE will keep all the plates spinning for you - so you can sit back and relax.

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