Circular Economy & Environmental Sustainability

It has never been more critical for companies of all sizes to understand and operate in the circular economy.

Extending the lifecycle of products for as long as possible by leasing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling reduces waste to a minimum.

Work with DTE to achieve your sustainability goals.

Zero Landfill
Legacy IT equipment often gets stored for years and then thrown away as a last resort. Trade-in & return options help you achieve this goal.
Reuse & Recycle
Use certified remanufactured hardware to operate more sustainably and cost-effectively, without sacrificing network performance.
Responsible Energy Consumption
Intelligent core networking paired with IoT sensor technology has turned the dream of smart buildings into reality.
Cisco Refresh
Cisco Refresh
Authentic products, fully remanufactured and certified by Cisco and available at a fraction of the price of brand new hardware.

Cisco Refresh is the smart choice for affordable and sustainable IT.

Looking for a specific part? Request it HERE.
Trade-In Program
Trade-In Program
Earn discounts against new equipment when you trade in old hardware from Cisco or other manufacturers.

Your old hardware will be collected and recycled.

Speak to a member of the DTE sales team to understand how much your legacy equipment is worth.
Send IT Back
Send IT Back
Items that are not eligible to be traded in can still be picked up and recycled free of charge.

Simply download the Cisco Send IT Back app on IOS or Android and use it to send pictures of products and schedule their return.
Certified Refurbished

Shop certified refurbished products in our online store

Cisco Green Pay

Cisco Green Pay offers a 5% incentive on Cisco hardware, enables predictable payments over five years, and provides free product returns, Watch this video to see how Cisco Green Pay can help with your sustainability goals while saving you money.

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DTE is Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialised

This is a time of tremendous change. Throughout the world, companies are shaping their operations around the health, stability, and future of the planet. We’re excited to announce that DTE has achieved the Environmental Sustainability Specialization through the Cisco Partner Program.

As you work to reduce your carbon impact and become more sustainable, we are prepared to help you reuse, recycle, or refurbish end-of-life products instead of simply disposing of them. We have partnered with Cisco to provide you with a simple, secure and sustainable equipment recycling program. Together with Cisco, we are recycling for a sustainable future.

Sustainability Specialised


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