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Streamline and simplify your eProcurement of IT systems and services from DTE


In the digitally transformed business that relies on speed and agility, procurement should be simple and reliable – without giving up control or oversight of the process.

DyNAmic - a bespoke version of the DTE megastore - integrates directly with your eProcurement package. Now you can empower your teams to purchase the right equipment at the right price without constantly double-checking every order first.

Enhance your punch-out with eProcurement integration from DTE.

Our Solutions

By integrating your procurement platform with Dynamic, DTE’s years of IT experience, excellent customer service, unrivalled product range, and additional value-added services are immediately available with a click.

Excellence is in our DNA. Integrate it into yours.

Excellence is in our DNA. Integrate it into yours.

  • • Secure eProcurement access is limited to users you authorise.
  • • Select your own subset of our vast product catalogue, limiting choice to pre-authorised products and vendors.
  • Create multiple baskets for different projects.
  • Punch-out purchase orders directly from DyNAmic to DTE.
  • Share quotations with individual colleagues or project teams.
  • File repository feature to add information about a quote or order (e.g. site instructions or floorplans)
  • Upload a full BoM to get an instant quote. No more selecting individual products first!
  • Access real-time delivery tracking information.



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