Internet of Things

Capturing and utilising the right data at the right time can have a profound impact on your business, your clients, and the wider world. Being reliably connected, even in challenging environments, is a huge differentiator.

DTE’s huge IoT portfolio allows us to provide true end-to-end solutions.

IoT Anywhere
You can transform your business by securely and reliably connecting assets, applications and data in real-time in both carpeted and non-carpeted areas.
Broad Partner Ecosystem
If you can think of a use case, the chances are that via our broad ecosystem of IoT vendors, we have a solution.
Industry Specific
From manufacturing to utilities and ports & terminals, leveraging IoT can start to drive immediate results.
Optimise Preventative Maintenance
Optimise Preventative Maintenance
Increase production uptime and ensure productivity with Cisco IoT sensors.

See how Cisco Industrial Asset Vision simplifies asset and facility monitoring and preventative maintenance and gives centralised visibility of your data.

Smart Vision
Smart Vision
Video is only usually useful after the fact. With a smart vision solution, you can turn video into real-time actionable intelligence.

Contact DTE to find out how you can transform your business with video insights.
IoT Industrial Security
IoT Industrial Security
Cisco Cyber Vision is a cybersecurity solution specifically designed to ensure continuity, resilience and safety of industrial operations. It automatically discovers and monitors industrial assets and processes to detect threats and anomalies and extend IT security to the OT domain through seamless integration with the IT SOC and easy deployment within the industrial network.

Speak to DTE today and secure your industrial assets.

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Connected Sensors

Cisco Industrial Asset Vision connects, digitises, and visualises asset and facility conditions using intelligent sensors designed for challenging industrial environments.

DTE is Cisco IoT Specialised

DTE is pleased to announce that it has achieved the IoT specialisation from Cisco Systems, having completed the required sales and technical training and exams.

This specialisation shows our dedication to being able to identify our customer’s business objectives and then demonstrate, design, and deploy Cisco IoT solutions that meet their needs.

Together with our other Advanced Cisco Specialisations, our ecosystem vendor partners, and our 23 years of industry experience, DTE are a partner you can trust to implement and support your advanced IoT solutions around industrial security, connectivity, and data visibility and management.

Cisco IoT Specialised


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