Bringing people and data together in the offices of today and tomorrow.

Not everyone goes to work in the same kind of “office”, but everyone needs perfect connectivity to get the job done. DTE’s wireless solutions extend past the traditional, ensuring whatever your needs we have the ability to exceed them.

Bringing people and data together in the offices of today and tomorrow.

Great Wi-Fi brings people together in office environments, allowing them to collaborate efficiently and safely.
Asset Location
You can’t prevent equipment from going “walkabout”, but you can locate it quickly and easily with Wi-Fi.
Smarter Buildings
Environmental sensors, smart lighting, and ITTT protocols all need to connect perfectly.

Guaranteed Wi-Fi Coverage

We understand the challenges faced by businesses in providing a reliable and secure Wi-Fi solution that allows their employees to connect smartphones, tablets and notebook computers on the move. Our commercial Wi-Fi solutions consider many variables, such as premises size, layout, building construction plus the type of devices connecting to the company or office network. We will go through your specific requirements, considering the number of devices, security, BYOD policies and application bandwidth requirements.

Office Wi-Fi Design and Surveys

DTE engineers will attend your business premises and perform a Wi-Fi site survey, which will identify any potential sources of interference and specific venue obstacles that would hinder your company’s Wi-Fi coverage.

Quality of Service (QoS)

If your business uses applications such as VoIP, video and audio applications, which are often used for business video conferencing, then our business wireless networks can be fully optimised to give quality and priority of service to any application. We can offer solutions that prioritise bandwidth to run effectively.


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