Pick By Light

Achieve cost savings and a competitive edge through operational efficiency in fast-moving logistics environments.

LED-guided operations are the future of warehousing. Don’t be left in the dark.

Using light-based pick and stow solutions gives tangible benefits to your operations, bottom line, and your customers.

Eliminate Human Error
Guiding operatives by light instead of written or verbal instructions eliminates errors caused by mis-understandings or language barriers.
Drive Efficiency
Using light to guide operatives has operational efficiency gains of up to 80%, allowing you to process more orders with the same number of employees.
Bespoke Solutions
Whatever your environment, DTE’s LED solutions can be adapted to work with existing racking and processes.
Scanless Stow
Scanless Stow
Remove hand-held scanners and eliminate repetition, ongoing training, and maintenance costs by using LiDAR to scan in real-time.

Using eye-safe laser beams, LiDAR gives reliable performance in a wide variety of lighting and environmental conditions.
Stow By Light
Stow By Light
Scan and stow solutions that remove human error and increase efficiency in your logistics environment, leading to more orders processed and less time rectifying mis-stowed issues.
Load By Light
Load By Light
Locating items on moveable carts in your warehouse causes delays that cost money.

Using Load By Light solutions from DTE eliminates delays by allowing associates to easily locate stock they need, wherever it may be located.

Building Pick by Light Solutions in an Existing Environment

It starts with understanding your environment and required outcomes, and from there DTE will design, manufacture, install, and support your new system.

Our design team will utilise 3D CAD to draw your environment, understand your racking structure and pick processes to select the correct “by light” solution, and plan cable runs alongside your existing power infrastructure.

The product will be manufactured and delivered to site, where our experienced installation team will build, test, and commission the new system. Your operatives will be trained by our support staff who will then provide regular health checks and break/fix maintenance.

Once up and running, your dedicated account management team will keep in touch to ensure the system is adopted correctly and is giving the maximum benefits to all stakeholders.

Speak to DTE to see how our Pick by Light solutions can benefit your business.

Pick By Light Solutions


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