Professional Services

DTE provide a full range of professional services to augment your in-house skills and deliver your strategic goals


Project management
Ensuring that stakeholders, suppliers and resources are properly synchronised to reach project milestones is a significant challenge. DTE’s PRINCE2 accredited project managers can help to reduce your administrative overheads by managing your resources and tasks according to best practice frameworks. We’ll keep your projects moving – and your stakeholders fully informed of progress.
Installing new systems is one thing, fully integrating them into your infrastructure is more difficult. DTE’s highly accredited engineers have many years’ experience of deploying and configuring new systems for maximum interoperability, automation and efficiency. We make sure your installations happen efficiently and are right first time.
Lifecycle Management
Business plans may change every year, but you’re expected to build an IT platform that can flex and grow to support new strategies. From software upgrades to hardware end-of-life disposal, DTE will help you manage the complete lifecycle of your IT systems to ensure you realise maximum value from every investment.


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