Looking for ransomware protection, remedies or support? Don't panic.

It’s impossible to put a monetary value against all your company’s data. But cyber-criminals will certainly have a go for you. So don’t let them in.

The Problem You're Facing

Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing criminal activities in the world. And, in many ways, law enforcement is powerless to stop it.

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Cyber-criminals exploit the connective nature of the internet to target victims around the globe simultaneously, whilst police forces have to investigate after the event. And the perpetrator can be at large in an entirely different country, over which, our laws have no jurisdiction.

If the worst has happened, you’ll find that your data has been encrypted and the criminal gangs are offering to release the files in exchange for a monetary fee.

You heard about “the dark web” on the news and thought it was just a place where criminals dealt with each other online, but it is a very real threat. It affects honest users like you and me.

Care and prevention is needed.



How DTE Sort It

Prevention is the most effective treatment when it comes to any form of virus. And ransomware is no different. DTE’s IT security suite is a three-pronged defence system. We combine the power of three powerful technologies to prevent ransomware from getting into your IT system in the first place. A bit like having vaccines to prevent contraction of a harmful disease, before visiting a far-off country. And service engineers can also come and give some hands-on support to rectify things if the worst has already happened. Ransomware is no joke. We take it seriously and so should you.

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