Significant payments to your IT provider can really get you down. Especially if you feel you’re not getting value for money.

Like with that home broadband package, you regret signing up as soon as the introductory discount ended. Business IT spend can be a drain on finances. DTE can lower that cost.

The Problem You're Facing

You’re spending too much on IT agreements. From hardware leases to software account fees - it all adds up.

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Then, there are the hidden costs.

Your system seems to let you down every other hour. And, “Well, I might as well go brew up whilst this loads,” is a phrase heard in your office with alarming regularity. Files don’t save. And when they do, it takes an age to open them when they’re needed.

Don’t even mention your abysmal upload and download speeds. How many tenders have you lost because it takes too long or there are too many errors when sending or receiving large files?

These are your typical downtime factors which cost the business revenue in lost time and lost work.

You’re frustrated about paying so damn much and never being able to use your IT the way you want to. You need to make some strategic choices.

DTE is the smart choice.

You need a dedicated IT business solutions company who will consider your internal needs.

They can carry out an assessment and let you know exactly what you need so that you’re only paying for what your operation needs to run smoothly.

Let DTE wash your worries away.



How DTE Sort It

Our IT strategy experts will conduct an assessment and find the most effective way of reducing capital expenditure on your IT. Creating a better IT environment is crucial to reducing IT operating costs. DTE has the knowledge and expertise to implement only the improvements which work for your business. This tailored approach reduces running spend and also makes your IT system more efficient. Solutions range widely but need to be unique, too. We can determine what it is you need.

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