Any issues with your wireless estate can have severe
knock-on consequences for other parts of your business,
and your bottom line.

Keeping your Wi-Fi well tuned, and having the right
support in place for if things go wrong is critical for the
businesses of today.

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Wifi network support

Robust end-to-end business-critical Wi-Fi designed, installed, and supported by experts.

Validation RF Survey
If you have never had a site survey conducted, or if you have significantly changed the layout of your facility since your last survey, you may find that your Wi-Fi isn’t working as well as it should. DTE’s trained engineers are able to visit your site – anywhere in the world – and perform a validation survey with industry-leading software and diagnose your connectivity issues.
Physical Audits
Having control of your Wi-Fi estate is important not only for uptime, but for security. Understanding what access points and controllers you have, how they are interacting with each other, and what their software load and support status is, helps to keep everything running smoothly and enables you to plan for end-of-life. DTE conduct physical audits on your estate, giving you a complete view of your equipment and its status.
Finding a proverbial needle in a haystack is difficult and time-consuming, but small issues can lead to larger ones, so it is important to keep on top of problems when they occur. DTE has over 12 years’ experience in Wi-Fi and our engineers have seen it all and are well placed to identify and resolve whatever is affecting your wireless connectivity.
Proactive Support & Monitoring
You might not be able to keep an eye on your Wi-Fi estate 24/7, but DTE can. We are able to monitor cloud-based wireless networks around the clock and either direct your staff to problems before they occur, or send our own engineers out to fix the issue.
Annual Health Check
Moves, changes and additions to your estate, and software updates and aging of devices, all have an impact on how well your Wi-Fi runs. Having an expert evaluate the health of your network on an annual basis keeps your business running smoothly, prevents issues occurring, and can help to lower support bills.
Break / Fix
If something goes wrong, you need a reliable support partner to call upon that is able to deliver fast and dependable support, wherever the issue occurs. DTE’s wireless team provide maintenance up to 24/7/365 – 4hr fix, meaning that your downtime is a short as possible.


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