A virtual set up shouldn’t be virtually impossible.

Everything is in the realm of possibilities with the right provider.

The Problem You're Facing

You’re considering utilising a virtual environment, rather than maintaining the endless amounts of hardware in your business, along with all the individual pieces of software on each laptop, PC, and tablet in your organisation. You’ve heard you can save money on server space but knowing how to undertake such a huge switch is overwhelming, and you might not fully understand all the aspects of a virtualisation. With a virtualisation professional, there’s no need to feel a sense of virtual impending doom.

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A virtualisation expert can easily make the switch, and help you decide what elements of your IT infrastructure you would like to switch to a virtual environment. They will set up a space for you to run everything from one physical server, allowing for easier management and lower upkeep costs. Without a friendly, down-to-earth specialist, however, the team will implement everything and the intricacies and operations will likely go over your head, leaving you overwhelmed and in the dark about your own company.

That team of outsourced IT geeks is DTE.



How DTE Sort It

DTE will work with you to get everything sorted. You’ll be included on every decision, and everything will be discussed together so that you understand the changes, how it’ll help you and your organisation, and make it so you remain an expert on your company’s set up and how everything runs. DTE can help with the virtualisation of servers, operating systems, infrastructure, and desktops. They can even come in at the consideration phase to help you decide what kind of virtualisation will be optimal for you. So, you’ll be literally in tune with your virtual set-up.

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