Wireless in Warehousing & Logistics

DTE enables warehousing & logistics facilities to overcome challenges in their wireless environment, enable automation, and ensure full peak-load connectivity.

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Wireless and Wi-Fi for Warehousing & Logistics

Ensure maximum uptime for your connected devices with a robust wireless design for challenging environments.

Built for Peak
Wireless capacity needs to handle connectivity for a changing number of users. DTE designs ensure no bottlenecks for instant scalability.
Automation Enabling
The move to Industry 4.0 and a heavily automated warehouse requires strong coverage to keep machinery and processes moving.
Solve Wi-Fi-related operational interruptions, inventory management issues, communication breakdowns, and productivity losses, to maintain business continuity and operational efficiency.

Business-critical Wi-Fi for Challenging Environments

Designing wireless networks for warehousing comes with a particular set of needs and challenges. We have to consider built-in Wi-Fi redundancy, AP mounting constraints, automation devices, stock inventory levels and type that may affect coverage, along with other considerations such as local building and safety requirements

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Proven Designs

Along with our many other warehousing customers, DTE have been the sole wireless survey and design partner for Amazon Fulfilment across EMEA and APAC for the last 12 years. Our skills and knowledge in warehouse wireless design and surveys, including construction mounting methods for APs, is second to none.

Take the risk out of business critical wireless design. DTE can guarantee, with an abundance of evidence, that our designs will work.

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Automation Enablement

DTE's WiFi network designs are proven to excel in robotics environments through a combination of planning, cutting-edge technology, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by automation in warehousing. Our designs guarantee seamless communication between robots, sensors, and control systems. By continuously adapting and evolving their designs based on emerging technologies and changing warehouse requirements, DTE engineers ensure that their Wi-Fi networks remain at the forefront of enabling efficient and reliable robotics and automation within warehousing environments.

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Wireless Certifications:

  • CWNE (Certified Wireless Network Expert)
  • CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator)
  • CWIDP (Certified Wireless IoT Design Professional)
  • CWSP (Certified Wireless Security Professional)
  • CWAP (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional)
  • CWDP (Certified Wireless Design Professional)
  • C5S (Certified 5G Lan Specialist)

CNet Certifications:

  • CNCI (Certified Network Cabling Installer)
  • CTPM (Certified Telecommunications Project Manager)
  • CNIDP (Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional)

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DTE has been providing wireless services to Amazon since 2012, supporting Fulfilment Centres, Amazon Logistics, and Amazon Robotics facilities worldwide with Wireless Standards, design, and verification services.
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Our retail wireless audit service helps retailers understand the state of their wireless network and how to improve it. We evaluate and recommend the best way forward, from simple configuration changes to a complete overhaul. Our work with retailers such as the Kingfisher group has shown significant improvements in customer satisfaction and sales metrics.
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DTE engaged with SEKO Logistics to design and implement a wireless network at their new warehouse. Our engineers combined experience in the logistics industry and our extensive experience in designing, installing, and supporting enterprise wireless networks resulted in a highly effective solution. In addition, we provided extensive ongoing support which included performance monitoring, proactive maintenance, and system updates.

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