Warranty & Maintenance

Protect your hardware assets and prevent serious system outages with warranty and maintenance services from DTE


Vendor Maintenance
Manufacturers typically provide support for their own products, becoming your first point of contact in the event of a problem. For every product we sell, DTE can advise on choosing the correct level of coverage and service levels to suit your budget, location and business priorities.
The modern best-of-breed operating environment uses hardware from multiple vendors, each with their own support contract and reporting procedures. DTE can help reduce confusion and administrative overheads with our RESOLVE-IT service, a cost-effective alternative offering up to 24x7x4 FIX levels for all your assets under a single contract.
Managed Warranty
Just because your warranty includes replacements doesn’t mean all the headaches associated with hardware failure are cured. While you’re on the phone trying to arrange a replacement, other important tasks are being neglected. With DTE’s managed warranty service, we manage the entire process for you. You get the replacements you need, when you need them. And you can use your time more productively too.


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