Wireless Services

Wireless network design and implementation services that will help your mobile workers stay connected

Wireless Services

It all starts with the planning…

We use your corporate strategy to design and implement a wireless network that will help you reach your goals and increase the productivity of your mobile workforce.

On-site survey and design
An effective wireless network needs to be designed around the environment in which you expect to operate. With a full site survey our engineers are able to assess those physical variables and include them in the design.
Predictive Survey design
Designing a wireless network to complement an as-yet unfinished building requires a predictive survey design. Using specialist tools and their extensive experience in wireless infrastructure design, DTE engineers can simulate a network from your building architecture CAD designs before, during or after construction.
Verification survey
Before hand-over, our engineers ensure that the design meets expectations. During our pre-go-live and validation survey, engineers visit your site to perform several tests. They will inspect and measure RF signal strength (2.4 and 5Ghz), spectrum data analysis, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and physically check that the installation conforms to the design criteria.


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