Wi-Fi Site Survey

What is a Wi-Fi Site Survey?

A Wi-Fi site survey is the process of examining the environment where a wireless network will be or has been deployed, either through physical inspection or software simulated means. The survey helps to identify the areas where the wireless network coverage is required and any pitfalls unique to your site. It is a critical step in the planning and designing phase that needs to be completed before and after installing the wireless network in your premises.

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Our wireless surveys improve your network's design, troubleshoot issues, and boost efficiency.

We provide various types of Wi-Fi site surveys that cater to your specific requirements. From designing a network from scratch or troubleshooting an existing network, we analyse the equipment and client devices to give you the best possible solution. We can then advise on the most appropriate mounting methods for access points and other networking equipment.

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The advantages of conducting a Wi-Fi site survey.

Operational Excellence
Optimise IT productivity with increased visibility, faster diagnoses and troubleshooting for your business-critical applications.
Whole Business Approach
Develop a network that achieves your unique required business outcomes, satisfying colleagues, customers, and business partners wherever they are located.
Dynamic Solutions
Utilise technology that scales with your business and integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure for true success.

Predictive Survey and Design

At DTE, we offer advanced predictive survey services to help you design and optimise your wireless network infrastructure. A predictive survey utilises specialised software and industry-standard algorithms to create a virtual representation of your environment and simulate wireless coverage and performance. By taking into account factors such as building layouts, materials, and RF interference, our expert team generates detailed predictive heatmaps and coverage models for your network deployment. This enables us to anticipate potential coverage gaps, identify optimal access point locations, and determine the required configuration for your wireless infrastructure. With our predictive survey, you can confidently plan and implement a robust wireless network that ensures seamless connectivity, maximises signal strength, and meets the specific requirements of your organisation.

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AP on a Stick (APoS) Survey

An AP on a Stick (APoS) Survey is a type of wireless site survey that involves using a wireless access point (AP) on a long pole or a 'stick' to place it in its actual proposed position and height. The surveyor then walks around the area to collect data about the wireless signal coverage and strength to help validate the proposed wireless network design prior to the installation beginning. An AP on a Stick (APoS) Survey is useful when the RF antennation properties of an area are not known.

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Passive Survey

As part of our commitment to providing reliable and efficient wireless solutions, we offer a comprehensive wireless passive survey service. A wireless passive survey is a crucial step in optimising your network's performance and ensuring seamless connectivity. Our experienced team utilises advanced tools and techniques to gather data on signal strength, coverage, interference, and other critical parameters without actively transmitting any signals. By analysing the collected data, we can identify areas of weak signal, potential sources of interference, and suggest appropriate solutions to enhance your wireless network's performance. With our wireless passive survey, you can make informed decisions to improve coverage, reduce downtime, and provide a superior wireless experience for your users.

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Active Survey

An active Wi-Fi survey involves a surveying device that connects to the Wi-Fi network and captures signal measurements by assessing the connection's performance. These surveys are employed to diagnose issues within Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, this survey method enables the measurement of diverse metrics, including ping round-trip-time (RTT), throughput via tools like iPerf, iPerf2, or iPerf3, as well as Internet upload and download speeds.

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If you're facing challenges with your wireless network, our professional troubleshooting services are here to help. Our expert team specialises in diagnosing and resolving complex wireless network issues. Utilising advanced diagnostic tools and techniques, we thoroughly analyse your network to identify the root causes of connectivity problems, slow performance, signal interference, and other issues. By examining factors such as signal strength, channel utilisation, interference sources, and network configuration, we provide tailored solutions to address your specific network environment. Whether it involves adjusting settings, optimising access point placement, resolving interference, or implementing advanced security measures, we have the expertise to resolve your wireless network problems.

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