To help drive business growth and reach your strategic goals, you need a trusted IT reseller partner. For more than two decades, DTE has been serving UK and global businesses, providing vital hardware and services. But in a crowded market, why partner with DTE?

A highly skilled experienced team.

DTE offer a complete service, from design and implementation of complex network infrastructures through to sourcing the best fit solutions. Our experts not only provide the expertise you need but also train your own team during handover.

Long term planning and execution.

As your trusted IT partner, DTE is always planning for your long-term success. As lifecycle management specialists, we will help you realise maximum value from your IT systems at every stage from deployment to disposal.

 Maximised ROI.

By selecting exactly the right solution for your project, DTE helps maximise the return on your investment. Our unparalleled service increases value further still.

Export experts.

International operations? No problem. DTE is an experienced exporter with many open export licences in place, so we can fulfil the demands of your international offices too.

Vendor agnostic service.

Because we don't receive kickbacks from OEMs, you can be sure we only recommend the very best solution for your requirements. Dynamic and innovative, we’re always actively searching for new products and services that will help your business achieve more.

Finance options available.

Significant capital spend requires significant up-front capital. DTE finance options allow you to spread payments and get the products you need immediately.

Dedicated account manager.

A single point of contact streamlines communications and makes it easier to get what you need, when you need it. You’ll have everything needed to build a strong, stable and long-lasting partnership. 


Solutions & Services

Some businesses need an I.T. partner that can do it all and some just need a no-hassle route to purchasing authentic equipment from a trusted supplier. At DTE, you can have as much or as little as you’d like. We’ll listen to you, help where needed, and won’t try to push the latest tech just because it’s in vogue. What’s right for your business is right for us.

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